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What Is Atlantean Healing™?

Atlantean Healing™ is a fast growing energy healing modality that has been given to humanity at this time of great changes. This high vibrating energy has been used in the healing temples of Atlantis by the healing priest and priestesses. This particular energy was kept in great pools of energy until humanity was once again ready to channel it. The Atlantean Healing™ techniques are a combination of ancient techniques that were used in the temples and new ones given to us for the challenges we are facing today. With this Healing, the higher frequency life style of Atlantis are re-born to take us beyond 2012. (The end of the Mayan calendar, this Astrologically is when the Age of Aquarius begins and many believe to be the age of freedom, humanitariansism and peace, where the Universe shifts in energy, meaning a positive move forward to nurture human beings and the planet.)

The attunement and the system is channeled by Birkan Tore and now being taught internationally.

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What happens during an Atlantean Healing™ session?

Atlantean Healing™ sessions are designed to balance the energy field as Atlanteans believed dis-ease was a manifestation of imbalance in the energy field. The energy is very high and powerful, yet it feels gentle and uplifting when channelling or receiving it.

The Atlantean Healing™ energy though, will continue working and balancing the energy field of the client for several hours. This way there will be no sudden shifts or outbursts of release caused by the treatment. The highest good of the client is always the core intention for each session. The Practitioner will call in the Atlantean Angels to assist with the application and energy healing process. The technique is a combination of hands-on-healing and also holding the hands over various parts of the body. An Atlantean Healing™ session can take 30 to 45 minutes depending on the needs of the client and also the practitioners inner guidance. This healing therapy also respects the soul path and soul lessons of the client and acts as support on their path.

We do not encourage, teach or promote any kind of medical diagnosis or promise to cure an already existing medical condition. In this modality we do not focus on dis-ease but simply acknowledge it and instead focus on perfect health.

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