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What Is Neutral Space Relaxation® 

Neutral Space Relaxation® is a simple and straightforward, the emphasis is on pure relaxation, this system of gentle bodywork is very beneficial and powerfully effective.
Neutral Space is where you can experience levels of deep relaxation that may have become a distant memory due to our particularly modern and stressful life styles.

Founders of Neutral Space Relaxation

Neutral Space Relaxation® has been developed by husband and wife team Lyn and Graham Whiteman, who are the Co-Founders of this system, they have both worked with clients for over 14 years, resourcing the ideal way to relax a client in an amazing deep and reassuring way. Drawing on information from a wide range of sources, and Ancient understandings, they have found that a specific type of touch, intention and creating space will unlock tension and stress from life experiences, trauma and environmental factors, that then release stress from the body. Through the application of basic, but profound Universal principles they have developed this unique pure relaxation.

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What happens during a Neutral Space Relaxation® session?

The balanced touch used by the Practitioner, works to relax the body, at various levels and patterns within the nervous system, cranial, spinal and musculoskeletal areas, working from the head to the feet and returning and to the head, bringing about a balance with a total flow of relaxation. The touch of the Neutral Space Relaxation® is totally gentle, non-invasive (sessions are fully clothed) and sensitive to the clients demeanour. The Practitioner uses both hands, to allow the body to return to a deep state of relaxation, that the client may have not known for some time!

The session will take approximately 40 minutes.

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What are the benefits?

These are individually assessed by the recipient.
Can be a feeling of spaciousness of timelessness of peacefulness, totally refreshed, a feeling of clarity with aches and pains gone.

Its all down to the recipient to convey the differences, and these are evaluated with feedback before and after the sessions.

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Is it suitable for stress and anxiety?

Those usually experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety can benefit even from just one session, the tension being held in the muscles and body generally can be gently encourage to dissolve and allow the person to feel a difference for themselves.

Tight muscles in the body, jaw, neck and shoulders are the first places to show signs of long term stress and allowing the body to gently be supported to allow this to dissolve is of great benefit.

How do I know if It will be right for me?

It is best to experience the sessions for yourself as only you know how it feels for you. The main purpose for the session is to re-balance relax and rejuvenate and many do feel totally refreshed and renewed even after one session – some take more which is why we recommend a course of minimum of 5 especially if long term stresses have been a consideration.

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