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What is Zone Face Lift?

Zone Face Lift is a brilliant new facial treatment, being hailed as a credible alternative to Botox, whilst offering a transformative journey on the inside.

Award winning Ziggie Bergman, developed this ground breaking natural ageing well programme after many years practicing reflexology and studying with Native American Shaman and healers in New Mexico. The method includes traditional facial reflexology methods and ancient healing techniques from Native American Shamans, using sacred healing herbs, asian body mapping, crystals and traditional facial tools such as the Gua Sha and rollers, which create the Zone Face Lift. Renowned for removing as much as 10 years over the 12 week programme to lift face and spirit, Zone Face Lift will leave clients feeling blissed out.

The Zone Face Lift has generated ecstatic press coverage;

Sarah Vine, leading beauty journalist, described it as "A Contender for London's best facial treatment", read about it Here

Hip And Heathly
“An all natural alternative to Botox, with internal benefits to boot ” Here

Daily Mail
"Facial Reflexologist to the stars...Do I look better, Yes! Yes!" - Kate Spicer

You Magazine
“I could see the effect immediately...the cumulative result is face- and life- enhancing”

Ham & High
"Zone Face Lift.....offers facelift results without surgical intervention" read the article here

The (Zone Face Lift) massage is extraordinary read the article here

Zone Face Lift. Zone Face Lift

Benefits Include

Results usually show after one treatment, with a radiant glowing complexion.

  • Clears sinuses
  • Reduces TMJ jaw disfunction
  • Relieves facial tension
  • Reduces puffy eyes and dark circles
  • Promotes a brighter radiant complexion
  • Clears clogged pores
  • Irons out fine lines
  • Reduces double chin and helps sculpt the jaw line, tightening and toning the skin in the face and neck
  • Evens out skin tone and pigmentation
  • Uplifts sagging skin
  • Reduces pore size
  • Activates collagen and elastin making the skin plumper and tighter
  • Encourages lymphatic drainage and helps detoxify helping glands to remove waste and urea from the body
  • Calms and relaxes the body and face
  • Loosens scar tissue

  • What happens in a Zone Face Lift Facial?

    First some lovely relaxing moves are applied to the face and arms and head, then the face is cleansed with lovely organic and natural vegan cruelty free products, exfoliate, then a mask is applied, whilst the mask is left on to treat, you can be smudged with sacred Native American healing herbs which have been used by shaman and healers to cleanse the spirit and remove remove negativity and cleanse the aura, this can be done without the smoke if you prefer, you may want a visualisation or maybe some beautiful angelic reiki to relax and soothe the body or extra indian head massage, or reflexology. All of the products are removed with a total of four hot towels which makes this treatment a luxury facial. Japanese Facelift Massage, gua sha and facial acupressure rollers complete the treatment with Toner, serum and eye cream.

    The Zone Face lift Facial is a wonderful as a one off treatment as a special occasion and is also incorporated into a full 6 or 12 week Zone Face Lift programme.

    What happens in a Zone Face Lift Treatment?

    Ideally a course of 12 treatments will provide the most transformative journey inside and out, this will include some ZFL holistic Facial treatments.

    With the same opening moves as a ZFL facial, this unique treatment begins cleansing the face and with hot towels, a full facial reflexology sequence will follow, then moves onto the Zone Face Lift Massage, which includes original techniques, facelifting and sculpting methods, using Gua Sha, acupressure rollers, mushrooms, the face is also massaged using traditional massage moves such as tapotment, champissage, friction, efflurage , percussion and petrissage. And includes serum, toner, eye cream and moisteriser.


    Ideally the full programme of 12 weeks will be the most beneficial, the treatments are bespoke and customised each week. The full 12 weeks investment £780.00 and includes a beautiful genuine crystal facial Gua Sha and award winning crystal infused organic Zone Face Fift Elixir worth £113.00 for use at home to enhance results. I will show you how to use these at home.

    Individual treatments are available at £65.00 for 60 minutes or £85.00 for 90 minutes.

    Mini ZFL Course 6 sessions @ 60 minutes £390.00/ @90 minutes £510.00

    Full ZFL Programme @60 minutes £780.00 to include a crystal Gua Sha and crystal infused Zone Face Lift Elixir / @90 minutes £1020.00

    Zone Face Lift. Elixir

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