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Thai Foot Massage. Thai Massage

What is Thai Foot Massage?

What better than to spend a hour of your time having your feet massaged?! In Thailand, you can have a foot massage for health purposes, it is not an act of self indulgence, it is a complete treatment for mind,body and spirit! Eastern and Western philosohies have very different approaches to health, with Eastern philosophies being more preventative.

The name Thai Foot Massage is not entirely accurate since the massage is not only performed on the feet but also the lower leg and knee, then incorporating reflex points on the feet, working with a thai massage stick to stimulate these points which correspond to the different organs.

The massage works along the energy (sen lines) of the feet and lower legs to balance and harmonise the flow of energy around the body. This stimulation of the internal organs and the energy lines is intended to facilitate the body's normal functions and encourage homeostasis (state of balance) so the body remains healthy.

The feet and lower leg are massaged with an organic base oil and some aromatherapy oils to enhance the experience. This popular treatment is very relaxing !

Thai Foot Massage. Thai foot massage

Testimonals Received

"I had read that the Thai Foot Massage fuses traditional massage with deep tissue, pressure-point and lovely stretching techniques on the feet and lower legs. It aims to release tension, increase vitality and flexibility, and promote relaxation. I had been suffering from Insomnia and anxiety so I booked an appointment with Carol for this lovely new treatment. I have previously had other holistic therapies with her so I already know she was extremely professional and caring, and exudes such positive energy. The treatment was wonderful and I felt a mixture of calm and energy after the session. Since that day, I have slept so much better and I feel a lot more peaceful yet focussed during the day. I have my next treatment already booked in and I'm really looking forward to it"
A.R, Chailey

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